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Maintenance Time

For security reasons, we provide maintenance time for each version, which means that the version can be supported.

Version List

Please check the following list to confirm whether the version you are currently using is still supported.

  • v1.20.0 (NEW)
  • v1.19.0
  • v1.18.1
  • v1.18.0


SE means it support ended

W means it will support ended when next version released

NEW means it will have security updates or fixes

What does end of support mean?

Although your software will still run, but we will no longer provide the following:

  • Technical support of any issue
  • Security updates or fixes

What about version that is not "NEW"?

Any version that is not "NEW" does not have Security updates or fixes base on the that version. In other words, the issues you submit will be placed on the "NEW" version when they are fixed.